The best way to describe Minecraft without going into any of the actual details at all is the video above. A very open, sandbox building game. The game may look strangely pixelated, but graphics isn’t really the point of the game. That’s not even the right way of going about it, the graphics is almost the beauty of the game. I found out about Minecraft back in September while surfing around on Youtube from X’s Adventures in Minecraft by X. I’m pretty sure I watched at least 10 of his videos before actually playing the game. Just a sidenote, X is amazing at game narration while he plays through. I feel like a dork saying that, but I rarely ever watch through user-made game playthroughs and I was able to watch many of his videos.

Anyways, Minecraft being a rapidly developing very open world game where your purpose is to build and stay alive. The Minecraft Interstate in the video above is one great example of what you could potentially do in the game. My castle isn’t as elegant or spectacular, I’ve put quite a bit of effort into it though over a couple months. When I started my world, the game was still in alpha 1.1.0 and unfortunately that meant a lot less options. On top of a castle and a massive underground cavern with glass floors looking onto giant lava pools, I attempted to create a rollercoaster and a giant tree house. You can actually see the tree I started off in the left of the picture above. You’d be surprised how hard it was to grow all of them, they require sunlight and water.

Great sunset addition to the new beta. Notch also added a “hell” which was interesting to say the least. Despite the fact that I’ve played the game for months, leaving it and coming back multiple times, I have a feeling I’ve only really played a bit of the game. More detailed skins and more options will bring this game pretty far when it is eventually released. Before you cry out “dork!”, try the game out. It’s super addictive and pretty amazing.

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