Minecraft: Treehouse v3.0

Well, I recently became addicted to this game ago, Notch added some nice items and details to the v1.3 beta. Funny enough, in the last post there’s a screenshot of my treehouse v1.0 which only had one level. I demolished that one and began one treehouse v2.0 and completed it with an added level of trees for a nice balcony and a base level which had a lava fireplace and living room. Unfortunately, a building made completely of wood with a lava fireplace was a terrible idea, right when I was done and about to log off, the treehouse burnt down. I was about to give up completely on the idea of building a treehouse when I sucked it up and built treehouse v3.0, pictured above. It’s four levels!

The base level is completely surrounded by tree trunks, with a nice fireplace (this time it isn’t a lavaplace), chest, jukebox, and bed. I wanted to a sofa there, but until an item like that is added to the game I’ll keep it as a bed. The middle post is stone, I decided to keep it stone just in case of a fire. At least one thing will stay alive if that happens!

Level two of the treehouse is somewhat bland. The trees from the first level are so tall that they cover any window space for this level, I might find a use for it later.

Level three is my favorite part, I made it indoors to keep it warm at night. A nice bed, chest, jukebox, and books to keep things interesting. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the doors at the back lead out into a giant balcony which overlooks the ocean or giant lake. I didn’t take a picture of the fourth level because it looks exactly like level two, just smaller.

Off to make my underwater fortress!

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