Samsung LED TV Buzzing Noise

So my recently bought Samsung 46″ LED TV (UN46D6050) started buzzing on me today. It freaked me out a little because the buzzing wasn’t quiet or anything, and it continued buzzing even after I turned the thing off! It only stopped buzzing when I unplugged the TV completely. My first thoughts were can I still return the TV for a new one? It’s past the 90 days return policy, but the TV is still under warranty. I could call up Costco or Samsung and see if they can come service or replace the unit altogether. What a fuss!

So I explored other options and looked around. A commenter on this blog said that he had the same problem, but it had something to do with a light with a dimmer which caused some sort of electrical interference with something in the TV. Sounds crazy, but I had a light with a dimmer on it and as soon as I turned it off, the buzzing in the TV went away! Here’s the crazy thing, I could plug this light into any electrical plug in my place and the buzzing in the TV would come back. Not just on the same power bar or same circuit.

The best indicator for this type external electrical interference is despite turning your TV on or off (but not unplugging it), it should still buzz. Then you’re in luck! So if your TV is buzzing, maybe it’s a light with a dimmer connected somewhere in your house.

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  1. Just wanted to let others know, I just started having the same problem tonight with my Samsung LED tv. After reading the above, I started thinking about what I might have changed electrically around the house in the last day. Turns out, a flourescent bulb installed in the porch light was causing the buzzing. I removed the bulb, replaced it with a good ol incandescent, and the buzz was gone. Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, I reversed the process, and the buzz was back. You never know what could cause things, but I’m sure glad I didn’t go buy a new tv and find I had the same problem due to a porch light bulb.

  2. I have a Samsung LED, which had the same problem, buzzing even when turned off. Dove me nuts. Reading the post above, seems like it was the porch light as well.

  3. My brand new Samsung LED TV buzzes really badly but only if the aerial lead is plugged in. I have removed my HDMI cables, turned off all lights around the house all to no avail.
    If I remove the aerial lead I can watch TV through my satellite receiver via HDMI with no buzzing whatsoever. The buzzing is coming from the back of the set not the speakers.
    Any ideas?

  4. @Matt

    By the sounds of it, it is a similar electrical interference we are experiencing. I wouldn’t have a solution for you though, other than removing the interfering component.

  5. Thanks so much for this post! The buzzing was driving us crazy. We turned off two lights with dimmers which were close by and it stopped immediately.

  6. Same deal here. My issue was traced to a CFL bulb used in my garage light fixture with a day/night auto on/off switch.

  7. Great post, first google hit saved me a trip to the repair shop. I have the same symptom, turned off my dimmer switch, problem solved! Thanks man!

  8. Thank You very much Jon!!
    After turning off the dimmer, it fixed the buzzing in my Samsung 55ES8000 too!!

  9. Both my Samsung LED TV’s buzz sporadically. When that happens, the fan light in one of the rooms with a TV blinks on and off. I have even shut the wall switch to the fan and it still happens occasionally. The fan is operated by a remote (with the wall switch on. Any suggestions besides calling Ghostbusters? Thanks.

  10. Yes, yes and yes. Well done for spotting this. The buzzing is really noticeable but in my instance is cured by turning off the halogen spots which are controlled on a dimmer. You can literally hear the frequency of the buzz tuning as you adjust the dimmer.

    Thanks for the post.

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  11. So if the buzzing seems to come from dimmer switches or fluorescent bulbs, does it hurt anything in the tv? Mine only does it when the tv itself is off. When it’s on, it’s quiet, but when it’s off it buzzes. We just moved into a new house, and it has dimmer switches all over the darn house, so I’m quite certain that is the cause of mine as well as it didn’t do this last week in the old house. I’m off to troubleshoot now…

    Don’t mind the buzzing too much as long as it isn’t hurting the tv any. Anybody have any insights on that one?

  12. @Ryan M
    Not sure if it would hurt the TV, however I do know that it doesn’t actually have to do with the dimmer switch but rather the CFL. You need to purchase a dimmable CFL, obviously it would be cheaper if you could pinpoint exactly which bulb was the cause of the problem (or all of them are).

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  14. I just moved into a new place and experienced the buzzing in my Samsung plasma tv. Like everyone else, it was driving me crazy! I thought I ruined my tv through the move. I then noticed the buzzing start when my gf turned on the dining room lights, which had a dimmer. The buzzing started, then stopped when she turned the lights off. The next night, the buzzing came back, only quieter. This time the lights were off, though. I checked outside and realized the flood lights were similar bulbs to the ones in the dining room and also had an automatic dimming option! The buzzing stopped when the lights automatically turned off.

    My only question is how do I rid the sound and still have dimming bulbs? I’d like to still have my automatic flood lights when pulling into my driveway at night and I’d like to live with lights in the dining room as well. Any answers?

  15. @Mo

    Doing a little more reading on this, without having actually tested any of these solutions myself, it seems you have a couple potential options.

    A dimmer switch ( works by cutting power to the bulb, effectively turning it on and off rapidly (i.e. 120 times a second). It cuts the AC waveform, which in various ways can cause different types of interference. A typical incandescent bulb can buzz as a result of these dimmers due to the current rise and drop in the coil. CFL bulbs have electronics in them, and at times can cause electrical and radio-frequency interference due to triac doing its thing.

    Now, possible solutions? Firstly, switch to an incandescent bulb or dimmable CFL bulb (technically you should not be using a normal CFL bulb with a dimmer anyways). If this is already the case and your dimmer is a cheap crapo, get a dimmer that has components to reduce the electrical interference produced by its function. Lastly, if you’ve done all this already, get an electrical line filter for the TV (i.e. Also try plugging your flood-lights on a different circuit.

  16. Buzzing on Samsung is caused by someone on cordless home phone
    A different buzz is sti caused by something else not yet found but not anywhere
    Near as loud this seems to be a Samsung fault

  17. Ks9000 2016 Samsung LED TV $2,399 trips the circuit breaker when the the dimmer switch dims. Brand new construction. Buzz. TV. Samsung. LEDTV.

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